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Helping Australians Build Wealth Through Property With Guarantees


Take control of your financial freedom.


At Linked & Looked After Property Investors, we are a team of highly skilled property investment professionals. With decades of combined expertise, we have developed strategies that eliminate the uncertainties that usually accompany property investment for the average Australian investor.

We understand that the main obstacle to financial success for many individuals lies in the intricate knowledge required to navigate a property portfolio. To streamline the process, we take on the challenging aspects and provide our clients with the necessary education to continuously replicate these simplified steps.





6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

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Research Based Land Selection

We go above and beyond to ensure that we find the perfect location for building investment properties. Our dedicated team conducts extensive research, which assures maximum capital growth for our client’s investments

Fixed Price Building Costs

We have successfully secured a fixed price build contract for our clients. This exclusive arrangement provides you with peace of mind, knowing that any potential increases in construction materials or labor costs will not be passed on to you. Regardless of market fluctuations or changes in pricing, you can rest assured that the agreed-upon price will remain unchanged throughout the construction process. This ensures financial stability and eliminates any worries about unexpected expenses.

Fixed Price Site Works

We have secured yet another exclusive advantage for our clients. We have pre-arranged fixed price site works, which means that the builder will visit the site and thoroughly evaluate it before contracts are issued. This added level of security is invaluable because if the builder discovers any unexpected issues with the block, they will not pass on any additional costs to you. This ensures transparency and protects you from any unpleasant surprises during the construction process.

Construction Period Locked In

We have gone the extra mile to secure highly advantageous terms with our panel of builders. These exclusive arrangements provide benefits that the average person wouldn’t typically receive. One notable advantage is that our builders offer a guaranteed build time. In the rare event that they fail to meet this commitment, you will be financially compensated for each week of delay. This ensures peace of mind and accountability throughout the construction process.

25 Years Structural Guarantee

We take pride that our panel of builders offer a 25-year structural warranty guarantee to our clients. This comprehensive warranty provides you with peace of mind and ensures the integrity of your investment. With this guarantee in place, you can rest assured that any structural issues that may arise within the specified timeframe will be promptly addressed and resolved. We prioritise your satisfaction and strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and durability in all our properties.

10 Year Rental Income Guarantee

We have partnered with the leading property management company in Australia. We are proud to announce that we have secured a remarkable 10-year rental guarantee, ensuring a highly desirable outcome for our clients. With this guarantee in place, our trusted partner not only finds the most suitable tenants but also takes care of various financial aspects. They will pay the rent if the property becomes vacant, cover rent payments if a tenant falls into arrears, and even top up the rent if it falls below the agreed amount. This comprehensive support ensures a worry-free and profitable rental experience for our valued clients.

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How we help those planning retirement

Less than 1% of Australians retire early

Investing in property is widely regarded as one of the safest and most reliable methods for accumulating wealth and establishing a secure retirement plan. This approach is beneficial for everyone, from those who are new to the world of investing to established families who are focused on ensuring their financial stability for the future. It’s crucial to have a well-thought-out retirement strategy in place. Our expert team will evaluate your unique circumstances and craft a personalised investment strategy designed to enable you to retire earlier and enjoy a more comfortable retirement.

How can we help?

We’ve guided numerous Australians on the path to starting their property investment journey, many of whom are now experiencing the benefits of passive income in relation to attaining a comfortable and secure retirement. You might have a vision of your retirement, yet without a solid plan or strategy, the lifestyle you aspire to may remain out of reach. Regrettably, 80% of Australians who fail to prepare for their retirement could become dependent on pension funds in their later years. Together, we can demonstrate how you can secure your desired retirement lifestyle through safe and prudent property investment. Remember, it’s never too soon to start planning.

Who do we help?

We assist everyday Australians, including time-poor professionals, in building high-performing properties by leveraging our extensive property market research and robust industry connections. Our clients gain access to an expansive network of experts in finance, investment strategy, tax, research, and beyond. Individuals from various ages and backgrounds seek our tailored property investment advice, aiming to expand their wealth through a lucrative property portfolio.

The Process

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We will work closely with you to identify your financial goals and demonstrate how property investing can be the pathway to achieving them.

Our team will begin crafting your action plan and wealth strategy framework. This marks the start of your property investment journey, and it’s crucial to have a clear end goal in mind, along with key milestones to achieve along the way.

Our financial experts will carefully assess and review your current finances, including any existing mortgages or debts, to lay a strong foundation for building your property portfolio. We will work closely with you to enhance your financial position.

We will discuss important factors such as your borrowing power and deposit size and educate you about the future hot spot locations poised for substantial capital growth. We will source the land and skillfully negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible price.

We prioritise securing all the guarantees outlined in our customer peace of mind policy. We will carefully select a builder to ensure your investment property is built to the highest standards while maximising its potential for long-term growth.

Throughout the construction process, we will be your dedicated point of contact, keeping you informed every step of the way. You can expect regular updates and clear communication regarding the progress of your build through the client portal.

Our exclusive 10-year rental income guarantee supports every property built through us, providing you with peace of mind and eliminating any concerns about tenant vacancies. Your property will generate impressive returns and provide a stable rental income for years to come.

Your investment property can unlock thousands of dollars in tax deductions. Our team of experts specialises in identifying and outlining all available depreciation deductions, ensuring you can maximise your investment’s return.

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The Strategy
Structure Finances
Find Land
Engage Builder
Construction Process
Rental Cashflow
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Client Testimonial


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Client Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only build new investment properties?

Yes. We do not locate, buy or sell established houses.

Can you organise the finance to build my investment property?

Yes. We organise finance for many of our clients.

Can you offer discounts on partner services?

Yes. Because of our network & relationships with industry professionals, we can provide clients with significant discounts on landlord insurance, depreciation schedules, tax returns & conveyancing.

Will you manage my property portfolio?

Yes. We will monitor your property performance & remind you when it’s time to reinvest, helping you achieve your financial goals in the shortest time possible.

What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom is when you have enough savings, investments & cash to afford the lifestyle you want for yourself & your family.

Do you handle everything from start to finish?

Yes. We are a one-stop shop. We do all the heavy lifting, ensuring a hassle-free, fun & enjoyable experience. You can log in to the client portal & stay up to date.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. We offer one free consultation valued at $397. 

Do you build investment properties Australia-wide?

Yes. We Build all over Australia.