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Property Market Research

Property Market Research

At Linked & Looked After Property Investors, our team of highly experienced industry professionals provide a range of property market research, capturing unique insights. We evaluate investment risks, opportunities, and potential returns, offering a personalised market analysis that empowers you to make better investment decisions for your family, your future, and your retirement. Information is key to successful property investing, and we are here to help you use property to build wealth.

What is property market research?

When conducting property market research, we discover, analyse, and implement relevant data to make educated decisions about property value, investment ROI, and rental yield. We obtain an awareness of the market’s current state and where it’s expected to go. This knowledge is used to recommend where to invest and when by Linked & Looked After Property Investors.

These 5 Factors affect the Australian property market

If you’re conducting Australian property market research, it’s crucial to consider the various factors that can impact your findings. These factors can make or break your financial outcome, so it’s essential to approach your research with a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Economic Factors

Staying updated with economic trends enables you to comprehend how changes may impact your property portfolio, as the well-being of the economy directly influences the Australian property market.

Supply & Demand

More buyers than sellers drive up house prices, while an excess of dwellings in the market leads to a fall in property prices. Understanding the property market cycle helps investors better comprehend investment opportunities.

Different Markets

When your Linked & Looked After property advisor conducts investment property market research, they consider the nuances of different markets to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the current environment. This allows them to analyse many smaller submarkets with their trends and behaviours, rather than treating the Australian property market as a single, cohesive entity.

Vacancy Rates

The vacancy rate represents the number of properties available for rent or purchase, and it provides insight into the demand in a particular market or submarket. This statistic shapes your forecasts of potential returns and profits.

Property Value

Analysing the market value of a property for research purposes can provide several benefits. By understanding how the market value of a property has changed over time, one can better determine the potential profitability of an investment.

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