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Property Investment Strategy

Property Investment Strategy

At Linked & Looked After Property Investors, we assist our clients in finding the right property investment strategy that suits their unique financial position. Our team specialises in property investing and setup solutions, providing tailored service delivery and friendly support to help you unlock sustainable growth and find new revenue streams. We can help you maximise wealth and improve your lifestyle by finding the perfect property investment strategy. Successful investing requires a solid investment strategy, whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your portfolio. You can use a range of approaches, such as capital growth, depreciation and rental income, to build equity and generate cash flow. Property investment can be highly lucrative.

Investment Property Strategies

Looking ahead, planning for the future, and making good decisions backed by accurate data are the keys to intelligent property investment. Expert knowledge helps make property dreams come true by providing strategies that fit into one of these categories: measured long-term growth, explosive short to medium-term gains, and sustainable income. If you’re building an investment property, it’s essential to consider these strategies carefully.

Generate Income

Along with investing in your future, the property market can be a great way to generate ongoing rental income.

This strategy is about boosting cash flow, so there’s less focus on capital growth or expensive renovations. Using this strategy, your property needs to earn more rent than it costs through mortgage payments, rates, and maintenance. A cash flow strategy can be used for residential property investment. Building an income producing property can increase your borrowing capacity.

Build Capital

Investing in property is a great way to build capital for your future. Unlike other asset types, property investing offers a stable long-term strategy that can build capital over time. In Australia, the property market continues to experience unprecedented growth, based on solid fundamentals linked to market demand. Passive long-term property investment strategies like capital growth allow you to build equity and roll gains into additional properties.


Depreciation is a natural occurrence that happens as things age and experience wear and tear. This reduction, known as depreciation, also applies to your investment property. The good news is that by claiming tax deductions on the wear and tear of your property’s plant, equipment, and building, you can increase your tax refunds. These items are classified as plant and equipment or capital works and are subject to tax depreciation. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximise your investment’s returns.

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